Synclex is a leading, global consulting company offering a variety of services ranging from consulting, supporting, providing, managing, and remodeling of company as well as focusing on technology and developing, innovation and analyzing and etc. Synclex believes that “Customized Solutions” is the key to solving complex business issues as the needs, focus or priority of each company is different from one company to another. This is why Synclex focuses on offering the clarity to make the right decisions to take the right actions. Synclex is consisted of talented, enthusiastic and knowledgeable team members to share their expertise for your business to reach its highest potential.
Synclex is officially established in 2003. Over the years Synclex has established strong network through the extensive experiences. This is one of the intangible assets that Synclex is proud of. With the abundant and resourceful experience as the backbone of the company, Synclex is committed to support your business to succeed in today’s fast-paced and competitive business world.